Working Together

Whilst we recognise that crime prevention and policing is the responsibility of the Office of the Police and Fire Crime Commissioner and Northamptonshire Police Force, we actively participate with those and other bodies to ensure that residents are able to enjoy and safe and comfortable existence.

We attend community safety, and crime prevention forums, with Northamptonshire Police and the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner to represent local views.

We actively listen to concerns regarding anti-social behaviour and support partner initiatives as well as investigating our own, where it does not conflict or duplicate the work of others.

Councillor Representatives

At the May Full Council Meeting we nominate Councillor Representatives to attend meetings with the Police.

Our representative for 2022/23 is Councillor Vivien Wilkins with Cllr Turner-Hawes as a reserve.

Flare Report App

flare Report App

Street harassment is not ok!

We want women and girls to be safe and feel safe of the streets of Northamptonshire.

Flare Report app allows women to quickly and anonymously make a report about inappropriate behaviour on the street.

It’s not for emergencies, Flare Report is a way to tell us about street harassment and similar incidents.

The information submitted on Flare Report will help build a clearer picture of what is happening in the county, so that Police and other partners can understand where inappropriate behaviour is happening, and then take action to stop it.

Flare is free to download and can be installed on any mobile device.

Lets help us make communities in Northamptonshire safer.