Climate Change and the Environment

Wellingborough Town Council recognises the current concerns over the climate and our environment, including air quality, carbon use, the ecological profile along with many other issues that may affect our residents.

We aim to be a net-zero producer of carbon, though initiatives such as using technology for non-public meetings, where allowed and electronic meeting papers, rather than printing. We look to ensure that suppliers and other associated parties are similarly aligned.

We recognise that the primary responsibility and resource for climate change lies with North Northamptonshire Council, whose work in this area we welcome and we will work in partnership with them to achieve such goals, including reducing CO2 emissions.

In March, we worked with Glamis Hall for All and Wellingborough Climate Action Project to hold three sessions in the community on climate change.


Working Together

Climate Conversations

Wellingborough Town Council, in conjunction with the Wellingborough Climate Action Project, started the project with a series of community wide ‘Climate Conversations‘ in March 2022.

These included presentations from councillors, Electric Corby, North Northamptonshire Council and Wellingborough Eco Group. They were held at Glamis Hall, Victoria Centre and Hemmingwell Skills and Community Centre.

There were lots of really useful feedback and helpful suggestions to the workshops.

Wellingborough Climate Action Project continue to have conversations and the project’s main aim is to bring people, groups and businesses together from across Wellingborough to start working on many of the practical challenges facing us all related to the impacts of climate change in our community.

For more information, and to join in conversations, workshops and activities visit the Wellingborough Climate Action Project website or complete the form.

The town council was asked to lead on Climate Change for Wellingborough, which was agreed at the town council meeting on 28th September. An action group is being established with local organisations, businesses and North Northamptonshire Council to take this project forward.

Environmentally friendly services and facilities

View a local map and guide on the Wellingborough Eco Group website.