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Have you got used to the new bin collection programme. If not don’t worry, please see the North Northants bin checker website page and find out when your collection day is.

North Northants are pleased to say “The new rounds are currently working well. It will naturally take some residents time to get used to the changes but the majority appear to have already done so”.

Due to the change to the rounds some residents may have a gap of three weeks between one collection and another. If you do require an additional collection to bridge this gap within this time, please  present that bin alongside your scheduled bin. North Northants Council have additional crews in place to remove this additional waste to ensure residents are not left with excess waste.

It is advised that it may not be possible to collect this waste on the same day as your scheduled collection, but they will endeavour to return as soon as possible.

NNC say they “are sorry for this inconvenience to residents, it is a symptom of changing the rounds and does not affect the on-going scheduled collections. To confirm, scheduled collections are being completed on-time, it is only the additional collection to bridge the three week gap that is running slightly behind.”

If you need to report a missed bin, please  report it on-line at the North Northamptonshire Council website. The teams will respond as quickly as we can.

For other information on bin collections please visit the North Northants Council website.