Eco Group 2

Thank you for your support!

The Mayor visited the hub and congratulated Jonathan Hornet on their award of £1,000 that will support the launch and creatin of Wellingborough’s first ECO Hub.

“Thank you for your support Wellingborough Town Council, we look forward to continuing working in partnership with you to make Wellingborough a greener, cleaner and happier place!

The funding from Wellingborough Town Council has given Wellingborough Eco Group at ECO HUB many more opportunities to provide more services for the people of Wellingborough and to offer more of the environmentally focused projects on more occasions.

We have been able to buy a little cooker, a mini retail fridge, a TV and computer and we now have permanent shelves. These things in isolation are small, but together mean that with Glamis Hall we can now host Warm Spaces for vulnerable residents, providing warm food, safe chilled food and entertainment and interactive services for those that don’t have access to these things at home.

Our Swap Shop can now be accessed every time we are open, our Food Sharers can now provide chilled food items, our Happy Cafes are now hybrid for those who can’t travel to our ECO HUB, and everything is much easier for those running the aforementioned activities.”