Redeem Funds 2

The Mayor visited Redeem Funds and congratulated them on their award of £1,000.

Mary was delighted to have been awarded the grant and said:

“Redeem Funds is a self-funded non- profit constituted group set up to fight against poverty and to help, support and provide for needy families and destitute people regardless of caste, creed, and colour. We are based in Cowper Road, Wellingborough and are actively supporting families in our community since 2020

We also work closely with our local youth club and schools to ensure that needy families get the right support. 

Currently, we are supporting 60 plus local families with food parcels and most of the days there is access for families to fresh fruits, veggies and breads from our premises which we collect from Supermarket through Fare share scheme thus saving it from going into landfill and tackling food poverty. 

We are ever so grateful to Wellingborough Town Council for their generous donation of £1000 to the foodbank. 

This amount will be well utilised in buying materials and equipment that’s much needed for carrying out the outreach work of the foodbank such gazebos, tables for our outdoor events, freezer for foodbank, cover the cost of venue hiring for our community events and other miscellaneous expenses.”