Room 46


Room 46 is a British rock/pop musical which portrays a vision of our history. This, exhilarating,
heart-warming and funny story tells a true to life account of six teenagers, 15 going on 16-years,
one year away from GCSE Exams, as they endure Lock-down through the 2020 Covid-19

Told via a ‘Dear Diary’ setting, the story follows the government structure, rules,
regulations and procedures from the 1st to the 3rd Lock-down, March 2020 – March 2021.
The brilliantly structured set and story follows the timeline of the UK coronavirus set out by

As the world begins to Lockdown, we see into the lives of 6-teenages individually
coping with their new ‘normality’ and the effects that Covid-19 had on their life. Coming together
via an online teaching portal, Room 46 becomes their safe place, a secure portal where
friendship develops.

Written by Justine Maynard, with music by Mike Mike Zimean, Kema Kay & June Rachaelson
Ospa, there is no stone, memory or situation left unturned.

“Covid-19 is most definitely a part of our history. It was a huge part of all of our lives and
affected so many people in many ways, some families were unaffected, others suffered so much
heartache. Yet, the questions and discussion of the pandemic of 2020 will never go away,
everyone will have a tale to tell, whether it be remembering a loved one that died, the year
Easter was officially canceled by The Queen, memories of online learning, exercise with Joe
Wicks or a virtual quiz with friends.”

Justine continues, “The making and story behind the play has its own memories and I know it’s
so hard to look back and remember all events in a historic year. Room 46 is a heart-warming,
exhilarating and factual portrayal of a millenium year told through the lives of youth.”
Although the awful destruction the pandemic brought to our lives in that year, it was actually the
aftermath that highlighted more destruction and debris it left behind. Mental health, high anxiety,
vulnerability, social awareness and self behavioral changes affected all age groups from young
to older generations.

Room 46 is a tale that one day will be as old as time. A wonderful vision of our history told in a
truly fantastic musical that all ages will enjoy.

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